Welcome to the Love And Be Free Foundation.

Founded by musician and songwriter Jared Feinman in 2020, we aim to heal the world through the power of song. Every year, we will carefully choose causes and organizations to align with. 


I wish you all safety and good health during this unprecedented period in our world. As an artist, my purpose is to reflect the times. In the past, great songs were written to help the world in the course of hardship. My intent with “(Let’s Sing For) Love and Be Free” was to create a new anthem for our generation. I felt like it was a song I needed to hear––a song that could bring everyone together. As the world begins to reimagine a new normal, “(Let’s Sing For) Love and Be Free” cries out for reconciliation.

In conjunction with the song's release, I am thrilled to announce the Love And Be Free Foundation, a non-profit endeavor I have wanted to form for some time. The Love And Be Free Foundation aims to heal the world through the power of song. 

In 2020 and 2021, we provided relief by donating 100% of the song, “(Let’s Sing For Love and Be Free”) proceeds to Philly Music Fest's micro-grant initiative, which provides direct relief to hardworking musicians and young music students in Philadelphia. 

In February 2023, the Love and Be Free Foundation organized and funded a recording session with 10 professional string players and 6 gospel singers for the song, “City Is Hurting,” which illustrates the hardship the city of Philadelphia is currently experiencing. We feel the song’s message aligns well with our mission statement. Donations not only helped reimburse the expenses of recording, but also helped provide a one-time micro-grant to the professional Philadelphia-based musicians and singers who recorded. 

In November 2023, we’re responding to the terrorism and attacks towards the people and State of Israel by immediately giving $5,000 to the Jewish Federation’s Israel Emergency Fund, earmarked specifically to Rahat Music Conservatory. This conservatory is a program division of Matnas Rahat for the Rahat Music Healing Program. Rahat is now the largest Arab (predominantly Bedouin) city in Israel and the second largest city in the Negev. Their goal is to significantly expand the work of their music conservatory to use the therapeutic power of music to strengthen regional resilience and bring greater understanding and interaction between Jews and Bedouins through appreciation of music. With your support they plan to provide training to staff and develop workshops and ensembles with professional therapeutic features. The aim is to provide personal assistance to trauma survivors through music. Their hope is that these efforts will help bridge the gap between the residents of Rahat and their Jewish Israeli peers, and that together they will contribute to the State of Israel, and also strengthen Rahat residents' identity as Bedouin-Muslim Israelis. We have a fundraising goal of $50,000 for this initiative.

In addition to the song's digital release, a limited edition 10” vinyl of “(Let's Sing For) Love and Be Free” (with a special unreleased B-side track) and "Love And Be Free" vintage t-shirts are now available for purchase through our website. 

Love And Be Free is a movement. It requires a community of supporters. I'm excited to see where this new endeavor leads, and I hope you can join me in supporting Philadelphia's musicians and artists who are suffering. 

Be well, stay safe, and light a candle to honor all the lives that have been lost. May their memories be a blessing.

– J